Package org.sadun.util

Interface Summary
CmdLineOptions.DefaultsStreamParser Objects implementing this interface translate an input stream into a map of default values per options for the CmdLineOptions#useDefaultStream(InputStream, DefaultsStreamParser) method of CmdLineOptions.

Class Summary
BaseCommand A base class for command-line based tools using CmdLineOptions.
CmdLineOptions A class to handle command line options.
CmdLineOptions.ChainedHandler A chained handler: executes two handlers one after the other.
CmdLineOptions.Handler This class handles an option and can be subclassed to define the reaction to the discovery of an option.
CmdLineOptions.Handler.ParamSet A set of parmeters for an option
CmdLineOptions.PropertiesFileParser A CmdLineOptions.DefaultsStreamParser which interprets the stream as coming from a Properties file.
CmdLineOptions.Resources String resources for OptionException messages.

Exception Summary

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